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Silicium Henri Joyeux

(The energy role of Silicon in your cells)

I am mostly present in the membranes of the adrenal, stomach, liver, kidney, muscle cells, but also in their nuclei, especially in the mitochondria. These are the energy centers of the organism that produce ATP, an energy molecule par excellence.

I am also present in the cell, in microgranules of 5 to 10 nanometers in the double Centriole or Centrosome, to organize the multiplication of the cell. It is a specific enzyme present in the wall of the mitochondria that participates in my transport in the mitochondria.

I play an important role, electrochemical, by the differences of potential that govern the exchanges between the cellular environment and the extracellular environment . These exchanges are essential during periods of muscular activity for example or in digestive period for the cells responsible for digestion and further away from absorption.

It is the same for the nerve cells during periods of strong activities necessary for memorization.

- The immune system: the best defenses

Your immune system needs very early thymus function (310 mg / 100 g dry tissue). So I'm there to help make the T lymphocytes. Also different families of white blood cells also need me to fight infections.

Your suprarenals (47 ± 27 mg / 100g dry tissue) also work better with me, to manage your many stresses. The end of days full of the fatigues of the day, the cooling of the extremities, translate an insufficiency of the adrenal.

Me Silicon in your body, I am an essential trace element

In your body you will find me for a total of about 3 to 7 g of silicon. I am essential to your health. I'll show you.

You need Silicon: 20 and 50 mg / day, plus men than women. 50% is eliminated by urine with very low toxicity. The minimum requirement would be 10 to 25mg per day. In China as in India the intake would be 140 to 200 mg / day, but it is not clear why.

According to the European Food Safety Authority, Si supplements are available in several countries at daily doses of 1 to 75 mg.

I can compete with excess calcium and also with Aluminum. Your tap water too often contain aluminum sulphate. Normally all aluminum taken by the digestive route is eliminated by the same route, except in cases of intestinal porosity.

Officially " The standard of 200 micrograms of aluminum per liter of water fixed by the WHO remains debatable, it constitutes only a reference of quality, not a limit, in the absence of control the water companies that allow themselves Often exceeding it without being obliged to inform the consumer ... Some studies have highlighted the link between drinking water overloaded with aluminum and certain cases of dementia whose symptoms recall those of Alzheimer's disease. In 1976, cases of dementia, joint pain, bone decalcification and anemia appeared in patients with renal insufficiency under dialysis. "

I am therefore able, I Silicon, to avoid too great an aluminum intoxication . That is why I am told that I am capable of "chelating" heavy metals that are dangerous to your health, in addition to Aluminum, Lead, Cadmium and Arsenic very present in your cigarettes. You do not need these metals in your brain unless you want to have an Alzheimer's.

Professor Christopher Exley Professor of Inorganic Biochemistry at the Birchall Center at Keele University, Staffordshire in England UK, specialist in the eco-toxicology of aluminum has demonstrated for this metal.

- What I Become, Me Silicon in Your Digestive Tract

When I am consumed by the digestive tract, I am absorbed very quickly to pass into the bloodstream. In your blood, I am free as salicylic acid, not bound to proteins.

One and a half to two hours after ingestion, I am at the maximum concentration in the blood, having been absorbed in the upper part of the small intestine, in neutral acid medium.


Intestinal absorption is 1.4 to 8.4 mg of Si per day.

It varies greatly depending on beverages and plants. Silicon from green beans is better absorbed than that from bananas. We do not know why.

Being free in the blood, me the Si, I am eliminated in the urine in the 3 to 8 hours that follow my ingestion. This Siliciuria is a good marker of the amount absorbed by the digestive tract.

After excessive and prolonged use of antacids for the stomach, the kidneys may produce mixed calculi of urates, phosphates, oxalates containing a small amount of Si .

The polymerized silicon is very little absorbed. Not more than 2% passes the digestive barrier. It is therefore normally found in waste.

After digestive absorption, I am distributed in the bones, tendons, articular cartilage, in addition to the large vessels, the trachea and the skin and the hair-nails.

I would also have a protective effect - which remains to be proved - in the brain against aluminum. In the human fetal brain as an animal one finds indeed a high concentration of Si, it is not nothing.

- Bone and joint cartilage: strength and flexibility

Me, silicon I belong and I am necessary from the embryonic stage to the synthesis of bone, collagen and elastin for the more flexible tissues. Chemically we talk about proteoglycans, uniting complex proteins and sugars. Without me, Silicon, no collagen.

Several types of proteoglycans have been identified with different functions: chondroitin sulphate for articular cartilage , dermatan sulphate for the skin, keratan sulphate for the integuments , and heparan sulphate, which plays a role in the blood coagulation, under The form of the heparin which fluidifies the blood.

In the bone the meshes are very tight, adding cohesion and hardness to the bone. The meshes are wider in the connective tissues of the articular cartilages, the aponeurosis which covers the muscles and the tendons. I, the Silicon, will be present at the rate of 500 mg per kg of dry tissue.

I am needed to fix calcium on bone, but excessive calcium intake (especially animal in your eating habits) reduces the digestive absorption of silicon. Dietary intake greater than 40 mg / day and above has been associated with better bone density in postmenopausal women.

I also potentiate the action of Zinc (Zn) and Copper (Cu) which are like me essential trace elements to your life.

It has been demonstrated that the bone margin under construction called the " osteoid ", a zone where bone is produced, has a high concentration of silicon which is less present in the mature bone.

As you get older when you do not consume enough of me, by reducing the proportion of plants to animal products (liquids such as dairy products and by-products), you do not renew your bone or connective tissue sufficiently. You become the kings and queens of osteoporosis, exploited to the maximum by labs that offer protocols of molecules expensive for public health and significant side effects.

I remind you that even at age 100 if you eat well (80% fresh vegetable products and 20% maximum of products of animal origin) you remake your skeleton every 10 years.

Sports pathologies reach the joints at the level of tendons and can be responsible in addition to hematomas, sprains, tendinitis, microfractures where inflammation and pain.

I am used in these cases in the form of Organic Silicone Gel (paraben-free), Ergysil Gel which easily penetrates the skin and subcutaneous tissues and relieves rapidly. There is also the G5 silicon gel in the same indications, including stretch marks difficult to make disappear.


- At the level of the vessels: elasticity and velocity (speed vector)

In the tissue of the biggest vessel of your body, the aorta, is where I am at the highest concentration of elastin. I am close to 300μg / g of dry tissue with 700μg / g of proteoglycans. As you get older you reduce your capital to elastin and your arteries become stiffer. So do not forget me, you now know where you can find me.

With age, the silicon content of the aorta increases from 200 μg / 100mg of dry tissue between 0 and 1 year, to 150 μg between 10 and 20 years and 80 μg between 30 and 40 years.

In rabbits, it has been shown that a diet enriched with cholesterol creates an atherosclerosis that fragments the fibers of elastin. And if I am added to Silicon, elastin reduces this fragmentation, I protect your vessels and participates in the regulation of blood pressure.

  • At the level of the skin and the appendages, nails and hair

Thanks to the elastin in which I am present in good quantity, your teenage skin is supple and delicate. As you get older you forget me, you do not drink enough. Evil hydrated your skin becomes dry, inextensible because in addition I miss you. So you do not like your wrinkles and your multiple stretch marks on your belly skin and your thighs. They are often present after childbirth or when you are overweight.

Me Silicon I am present in μg / g of dry tissue in your epidermis with 106 μg / g, your dermis with high hair at 25, with low hair at 19, in your nails at 56 and your abdominal hairs at 90 μg / g .

By comparison you will notice that in the skin of the calf I am present at higher concentration 3200 to 4300 and in the skin of the fish at 350 to 450 μg / g.

Fortunately, I easily cross your skin. The transcutaneous absorption of silicic acid deposited on the skin with an impregnated compress is demonstrated. A few minutes later it is found identically in the blood.

So do not wait for your wrinkles to avoid cosmetic surgery. Eat better and better with more vegetables and if you need to supplement you in organic silicon. You will favor the formation of collagen and elastin, and you will avoid and save all the scams of cosmetology, such as injections of products, the Conjonctyl which has too many virtues if one believes a marketing well reflected according to the Targets to be achieved.

So the more I am present in your skin, the more you are rich in silicon, the more supple, smooth, and wrinkled your skin is, and if you have a wound you will quickly and well heal.

It is by treating his own psoriasis that Loïc le Ribault, who developed the most effective organic silicon, discovered positive effects for the skin of his hands.

For your hair do not forget me, I can promote their reflections and promote their renewal when you tend to lose them. Even efficiency suited to your nails. The normal nails are composed of 19 to 20% silicon.

You can imagine how useful I can be to you after chemotherapy often difficult to bear and when you grow old.

As you have understood, I am a trace element essential to your health, to all ages of life.

Who am I Silicon?

It is urgent to answer it completely to better understand my importance in your body and what I serve.

My name comes from Silex-Silica and the suffix "ium" means in Latin "metal" such as ferrum iron. I am represented by the symbol Si . The name Silicon Valley, Silicon Valley in the USA, between San Francisco and San Jose, California, is due to the presence of many electronics companies, who need a lot of silicon . I am one of the essential elements of the most modern technologies because excellent electrical conductor.

I was isolated in 1823 by a Swede, Jöns Jacob Berzelius (1779-1848), but I was already known in Antiquity because I am in abundance in minerals . I am present in stones, quartz, glasses, ceramics, computer chips and now in all solar panels, but also in plants, animals and you dear humans.

" Silicon is called upon to revolutionize our therapeutic approach ," Louis Pasteur said in 1857.

I am a metalloid having both the properties of metals and those of nonmetals. My chemical properties are those of non-metals. I have a diamond-like structure. I can ally myself with metals in the form of alloys, such as a special steel FeSi and with Aluminum, AlSi in cars with their environmentally friendly tires, in the aeronautics and springs of high-end watches.

In the periodic classification of chemical elements, developed in 1869 by Dimitri Ivanovitch Mendeleev (1834-1907), according to the atomic mass of the elements, I If I am in position 14th.

For chemists, the mass in kg of the atoms equals 10-27 kg. The atomic masses were fixed at 1 for hydrogen (1 proton = 1 unit), 16 for oxygen and 12 for carbon.

My atomic mass, Silicon, 14th element of the classification, is 28. That of the Aluminum 13th element is 27 and that of the Phosphorus the 15th is 30. I am able to combine very easily with oxygen, under SiO 2 or SiO 2 silicon dioxide .

With 4 oxygen atoms that cling to me, I form a silicate. I am like the chemical element, carbon "C", whose atomic number is 6, tetravalent, which means that 4 atoms can marry me. In your body I am non-toxic. I reduce many allergies because you need me to maintain and boost your immune defenses.

When combined with Aluminum, I become Alumine Silicate, Magnesium Mg trisilicate very quickly solubilized in the stomach and having an antacid action, so used in medicine.

You use the term " organic silicon " when chemists add one (or more) carbon atom (s) to a silicon atom, which together with the methyl radical CH3 ( which makes it lipophilic and allows it to cross the skin ) And three alcohol functions (which make it soluble in water) , a Mono-Methyl-SilaneTriol or MMST or a dimethyl-silanediol .

It is this organic silicon which has the best bioavailability, 70% compared to mineral silicon (less than 10% bioavailability).

Where do I find myself and what I look like in Nature?

Me silicon, I do not exist in the free state on your Earth , but I am very abundant in the form of oxides, silicates .

When I am in elementary crystalline state, I look like a gray, hard metal. My melting and boiling points are very high. My amorphous form is a brown, electrically conductive powder, which can be melted and easily vaporized.

I am present in the Earth's crust, the Sun, the Moon, Mars, stars and meteorites.

In the bark of the earth, I am after oxygen the most abundant element. Oxygen is at 41.2% and I the Silicon at 28%, when Aluminum is at 14.3 and Iron at 4.7, Calcium at 3.9%.

I form, with quartz and silicates, more than 90% of the earth 's crust . I am therefore present in many minerals and rocks , in the sand or " arena" in Spanish, resulting from the disintegration of granite.


I am present in the seas and oceans. They contain all the more silicon that the deep seabed, consisting of siliceous vases (at least 10mg / l at 2000 meters depth), feeding the most superficial plankons that capture me. In area, in photic zone, where light penetrates, the concentration is at 1mg / l only.

I am one of the 26 minerals of the Dead Sea and of me it is written very justly:

"It promotes the formation of collagen and improves the elasticity and density of the skin. Important for maintaining the strength, proper thickness, and collagen production of the skin. "


Me organic silicon I am obviously very different from Silicon mineral. As you will see it is in organic form that I am most useful because my scientifically recognized bioavailability reaches 70%, whereas in pure mineral form it does not exceed 10%.

Indeed you do not eat sand or extracts of quartz or glass! It is mineral silicon, it is inert and would not be assimilated. Like a steel or glass ball that you would swallow, it would come out as it is through your digestive tract. Children know this.


Plants know how to use me and you humans do not know me well. Yet you need me. You are often deficient in Me Silicon, for you do not consume enough vegetables. So I miss you in many areas of your body.

Only 5% of my assimilated part will be eliminated in the urine, the rest is distributed widely in your body in the many tissues where I play an important role.

The minimum intake is evaluated at 2 mg of organic silicon per day. It is necessary to replenish the reserves necessary for the renewal of the cells of very many tissues. The silicon deficiency observed during aging, which can decrease by 80% can only disrupt natural regeneration, and scarring when necessary.

All your tissues and organs are renewed at different speeds.

- Vegetables are rich in silicon

I am indispensable to the growth of many plants.

You can find me in 4 different forms: pure mineral and polymeric in the soil that nourish plants, organic bonded to an acid (the monosilicic acid - H4SiO4) absorbed by the root of the plant, and even crystalline to the surface Of the leaves of the plants which gives them a resistance and a glossy aspect of shine, with bluish metallic reflections.

A one hectare plantation of legumes, beeches or wheat harvested 20, 63 and 105 kg of silica each year from the soil.

A certain rigidity allows a better orientation of the leaves towards the solar radiation and increases the photo-synthesis potential of the plant. I love the sun, it warms me and I like to return it as a mirror.

My presence, as most mineral elements increase regularly with the season and can be multiplied by 5 between spring and autumn. The leaves in the maximum illumination areas are the richest in silicon.

As for you humans, silica supplementation increases resistance. This is demonstrated for cereals that are better resistant to diseases and pests than for pesticides that are highly harmful in the food chain.

Many edible plants therefore absolutely need me, silicon for their good development, as you humans. The absorption rate of silicon from the roots of a plant to the leaves is close to that of the flow of the sap.

I am part of the cell wall of various marine algae (1 to 180mg / 100g fresh) and find me in plenty to plankton to feed the fish. Aquatic and terrestrial plants assimilate in my organic form, silicic acid Si (OH4).


In milligrams per 100g of fresh products the concentrations vary greatly in the plants and you are spoiled for choice.

Oats (360-450 mg), barley and malt barley (200-230mg), wheat (winter 6,25 and spring 7,5mg), buckwheat, brown cane sugar (70mg (20mg), tapioca (22mg), green beans (10mg), grains (14mg), raisins (14mg), hazelnuts (10mg), rye 10mg), bananas (8mg), potatoes (4.5-5.5mg), tomatoes, chilies, aubergines, peppers .. but also parsley (12mg), cabbage, turnips (12mg) (3mg), artichokes, salsify, Jerusalem artichokes, sunflowers, millet, grasses and also the leek family (6mg), cress, spinach (3mg) ), Mustard, rapeseed, radish, and watermelon (3.5mg) ...


The most important quantities are mainly in the vegetable envelopes, hence the interest to consume rice (8-36mg) (I am related to proteins) and whole wheat (26mg) and the skin of the potatoes Of course. The pectins present in the " skin " of fruits have 5 times more ego than silicon than in animal muco-polysaccharides where the phosphocalcic salts are deposited in the bone.


In herbal medicine, horsetail (contains 60mg of silica / 100g), fresh and undried, bamboo (9mg in shoot), nettle fresh young shoots (380mg / 100g), oats (360-450mg) , Contain large amounts of silicon, also used in cosmetology .

Excessive drying of these plants eliminates the beneficial effects because the silica polymerizes and loses its effectiveness.


  • In the beverages

Mineral water contains a good amount of Silicon: Source Didier (Martinique) 130-140 mg / l, Rozana : 95mg / l - Chateldon : 90mg / l - Fiji water : 45mg / l - Spritzal : 35mg / l Volvic : 31mg / l - Badoit: 30mg / l - Vichy Célestins : 30mg / l.

It is shown that consuming 86 mg / day of silicon from mineral water increases urinary excretion for 3 months in post menopause. Excesses are therefore eliminated in the urine.


The instant teas contain 40mg / 100g and in coffee 20mg / 100g.


The wines can also be considered as interesting sources of Silicon (red: 1.8mg / 100g and white: 1.4mg) and beers (3-6mg of silicon / 100g) .

Some soils of viticulture contain quartz strongly composed of silica in the form of silicates or tecto-silicates , with traces of other minerals, aluminum, Li thium, Fe r, Magnesium , Ca lcium, Sodium found in Grapes and hops. Si is also in the glass of which bottles are made, but it is obviously not made to be consumed.


The good wines contain silicon dioxide, accepted in the USA as an additive, when the cropping mode is not enough. Better choose our best European wines! Finally, it should be noted that bone protection by silicon does not depend on the amount consumed, on the contrary, for both wine and beer.


- Animal products are less rich in silicon

The richest in silicon are per 100 g: seafood (clams 100mg and oysters 6mg), brain 17mg, beef liver (11mg), pork (6mg), sheep (2mg), sweetbreads , The thymus (3mg), the kidneys (2mg), the Gruyère (2mg), the egg yolk 0,8mg and finally 3x more in the colostrum than in the milk.

Organic Silicon is the only assimilable

It does not exist apart from its presence in plants and animal tissues.

It was synthesized in 1957 by Norbert Duffaut, organic chemist of the University of Bordeaux, who named too quickly his discovery DNR ( Duffaut Norbert Remède ), G1 then G2. This was the MMST (Mono-Methyl-SilaneTriol) which we have seen above. It was first used as an ointment with effectiveness in skin diseases especially psoriasis.

This discovery was taken up by Loïc Le Ribault, Doctor of Science, Doctor of Sedimentology. In 1970, he demonstrated that " certain crystals of quartz bear on their surface a film of amorphous silica soluble in water. In 1975 he succeeded in achieving organosilicon solutions . He calls them G5 and even G5 Siliplant .

This solution remains fragile, protected from light, heat and without contact with glass or any other metal.


Organic silicon as a complement by local or general route

"The use of organic silicon has been banned since January 1, 2010 on the advice of the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA)" which is difficult to trust, as was verified in the case of Vaccines.

Especially since it was authorized before 2010 with no known undesirable effects. Its marketing is allowed on condition that it is not presented as a food product. Consumption of 15 ml twice daily, 15-20 minutes before meals and medications would be safe, including for women in breastfeeding.


What matters to me, Silicon!

It was time I could talk to you. I have passed before me in these regular letters, Iron, Aluminum, Iodine for the thyroid, in Letters N ° 82, 94, 128 which you will find on the site www.professeur-joyeux.com

Beautiful health at all

Pr Henri Joyeux

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